Central Jersey Fingerprinting

Hand Care

HAND CARE AND CONDITIONING: Proper washing, moisturizing, healing of cuts(scars are acceptable as they are permanent) and removal of dry dead skin will ensure the best possible fingerprints. We recognize that many people work with their hands and will need time to allow their hands to heal. Moisturizing regularly(3x Daily), exfoliation and wearing gloves while working are strongly suggested before coming in to have fingerprints taken. It is recommended that proper hand care is followed as people with dry, rough skin and/or cuts on fingerprints will most likely have their fingerprints rejected by the agency performing the background checks and the client will need to have their prints retaken. Our technician will inform the client if their hands do not meet basic requirements for quality prints and will suggest returning another day. If the technician deems the fingerprints acceptable but are still rejected for quality, we offer a one time free set of prints rejected for poor quality if accompanied by the rejection notice and client pays the Travel fee again. However, if our technician deems the fingerprint quality unsatisfactory during the initial appointment, but the client insists on going ahead with fingerprinting that day and the fingerprints are then rejected for poor quality, the client will have to pay for additional services. 

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